The St Peter’s College Podcast

Episode 2: Technology in the Early Years

September 9, 2020

In the second podcast of the series, Angela Norman, Director of Digital Innovation at St Peter's College, explores the use of technology in the Early Years of education and the use of technology at home by young children. With reflections by a number of staff from the Early Learning Centre and Junior School teams, this episode explores ways for parents to open up conversations with children about the use of technology at home, and gives tips on how to set young children up for success in their technology use. 

In this episode, Sheryle Yorston (Head of Early Years) references the Statement on Young Children and Digital Technologies from Early Childhood Australia, which can be viewed here

The Commonsense Media website, which contains useful guidance on apps and digital content, can be viewed here

This link provides information on technology use by children under the age of 5 from the eSafety Commissioner as referenced by Kirsty Jackman (School Counsellor), and the rest of the site can be viewed from there. 

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